ADTEL White Paper

Dynamic Digital Signage

Look for an LCD Display provider that offers new-generation “Dual-sided” displays, i.e. there is a digital image displayed on both sides of the display. This will give you the flexibility to get the attention of the viewer “coming and going” and essentially double the amount of exposure for your messaging, branding, or other content.

Leveraging the Newest Display Technology for Your Messaging or Branding Needs

We’ve all become accustomed to seeing some type of display technology wherever we go–airports and train stations, museums, malls, retail stores, corporate lobbies, schools and universities, and more. But even with the proliferation of “digital signage” in public spaces, most of these LCD displays are haphazardly placed– with little thought to how the “digital signs” integrate into the space or achieve their purpose. And these LCD displays are limited in their content reach, so they are visible to only a limited area.
With new-generation digital displays, it’s now possible to make the displays an integral part of the architecture and fit the needs of the space– with a messaging or branding platform that uses the best of clean and efficient aesthetic principles combined with ahead-of-the-curve advances in digital technology. The most advanced of the latest-generation digital displays is the new Dual-sided LCD display, that uses new engineering breakthroughs to both place the digital displays seamlessly into the environment and maximize the viewing angles and viewing space for your content.
Here’s an overview of LCD flat panel displays, to help identify the right display for your particular application.
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