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Digital Signage is the New Face of Retail

These days to get people out of their houses and shopping in the store retailers need to rethink how they attract and retain customers.

From the exterior of the store through to the checkout, retailers need to create an immersive and personalized shopping experience. The explosion of the Internet of Things and new devices such as sensors that can communicate with each other has enabled retailers to create a new personalized shopping experience.
Today posters and shelf tags have been replaced with dynamic digital signs that offer real-time information on products and availability, as well as interactive information or visually enticing photos and video. Screens at checkouts leverage loyalty program information to offer personalized information on complimentary products or services relevant to the individual at the register.
Do you remember poring over a paper catalogue looking at toys when you were a kid? These days paper catalogues have now taken the form of self-serve kiosks that allow customers to view a retailer’s full offering and place orders without having to go up to the checkout. How many times have you asked a clerk to check the stockroom for a size you need? Now in many retail stores clerks are armed with tablets that provide real-time information on inventory levels and enable them to provide you with additional product information or reviews.
Retailers that want to leapfrog the competition have realized creating an immersive digital experience in their stores is key. Critical to this is having a platform that can take information from a variety of sources and drive an immersive and interactive visual experience across all of these devices. Maybe it’s time to check out digital signage.

SOURCE: Oct. 27, 2015 | by Doug Bannister (https://goo.gl/JeXLKO)

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