ADTEL On-Hold Messaging

Entertain, inform, and enhance your caller experience with customized on hold messages and music. Present a professional image, introduce services, deliver valuable information easily, and put “on-hold time” to productive use. We provide the complete package to make marketing simple!

ADTEL Auto Attendant and IVR

We have the capability and expertise to provide professional recordings for a wide variety of applications and equipment. Whether you need phrases for your IVR, full menus for your voice mail, or simple ACD greetings, we provide high quality audio to meet your needs.

ADTEL Digital Signage

From simple waiting room displays and restaurant menu boards, to interactive touch screens, double-sided retail pedestals, video walls, and ultra-bright outdoor signs, our full range of state-of-the-art digital display solutions can provide you with dynamic, cost-effective advertising.

ADTEL Paging and Sound Systems

We specialize in Audio, Video & PC Network component integration and cabling solutions for commercial/industrial applications – any size, any scope. We offer high-quality equipment and professional installation for a reliable communications network to meet your objectives.

ADTEL Business Music

Music is the soundtrack of your business– it defines your brand, sets the mood, and enhances employee productivity and the customer experience. Since 1983, we’ve helped thousands of businesses elevate their environment and connect with their customers.

Innerworks IT Services

ADTEL provides superior IT Services through our Innerworks Inc. division. Our experts provide innovative and comprehensive solutions for your business on- and off-site. We work with you to meet your unique needs- offering quality, efficient, and personal service for all of your technical requirements.

Enhance your Environment.

Elevate Moods.

Increase Sales.

Since 1982, the ADTEL Group has been one of North America’s premier providers of audio and video based marketing solutions. Using sight and sound to transform business environments, we give our clients a distinctive personality to help connect with customers and stand out from competitors.

From professional voice overs, custom audio production and on hold messages to business music, paging/sound systems and eye-catching digital signage; our A/V solutions will enhance your image and elevate moods, while creating valuable sales opportunities.

At ADTEL we’ve got one goal in mind: making sure you deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

We have
High Standards

ADTEL prides itself on providing our clients with the absolute best quality audio & video productions possible. Our extensive music & video libraries and sound effects collection give our clients access to one of the largest and most comprehensive collections in the industry.

We are

Our staff includes a team of full-time creative writers, production engineers, customer service representatives, telecommunications/sound technicians, an IT specialist, as well as administrative and accounting support staff. Marketing representatives in each of our sales offices assist clients in determining the program best suited to their business.

We are

ADTEL has experienced exceptional growth since our beginning in 1982. ADTEL’s management and staff have over several hundred years of combined experience in radio, television, broadcast schools, telecommunications and graphic arts. Our expertise is unmatched. Our full in-house sound production studio services thousands of subscribers across Canada and the United States. We also have clients in England, Australia, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.


We have the

The ADTEL studios are outfitted with the latest digital recording equipment necessary to deliver broadcast quality AV productions in both digital and analog formats. Using the latest in recording and playback technology, we take great pride in our product and guarantee that you will be impressed by the results.

A Few Facts about the ADTEL Experience



99% of staff who work in stores without music think that retail stores that play in-store music tend to be more modern & appealing to shoppers.

– VisionCritical, DJS research



91% of managers/business owners agreed that playing music makes customers & staff happier.

Music can motivate staff, boost morale & create a better working environment.

– VisionCritical



84% of retailers agree that playing audio & video makes the atmosphere more welcoming or exciting.

It encourages customers to spend longer in-store,  and increases the likelihood of customers returning.

– VisionCritical



77% of business owners/managers agreed that allowing staff to listen to music enhances productivity.

Retailers also believe that they can influence the behavior of customers through music & messaging.

– VisionCritical

Most Effective & Least Expensive

This has been one of the most effective and least expensive advertisements we have ever used…


Paid for Itself & More!

Last week, a customer purchased an item that he did not know I carried until he heard it “on hold”. That one purchase has paid for the first year’s use of the service and I still have 50 weeks to go!


Professional Image

Though we are a small company, we now enjoy the professional image of a much larger firm…


Fulfilled our Telecommunication Needs

As a service-oriented organization, we put great value in meeting our customers’ needs. Not only has ADTEL® fulfilled our telecommunication needs promptly, in some instances ADTEL® has anticipated them.


Excellent Method of Communicating

I wanted to express our satisfaction with the service you are providing us. We have received many compliments since we initiated this program. We find it to be an excellent method of communicating with our membership as well as prospective members.


Sold 170 Subscriptions in One Month!

We used ADTEL® to promote selling subscriptions to our own Entertainment Guide in our Toronto office and sold 170 subscriptions in one month with no other promotions!


Created Sales

I wanted to express to your firm how delighted we have been with the use of your ADTEL® system. We have found not only do customers find the information informative and helpful, but it indeed has created sales for us by advising clients or prospective clients of our products and services.


Lower Ratio of Abandoned Calls

Our call statistics indicate a lower ratio of abandoned calls . . . 


Depend on Real Pros

A big tip of the hat to all your staff for the super job done for Scottsdale Acura. It’s nice to be able to depend on real pros and have such a great turnaround on such short notice. Again, many thanks, great work!

Development Corporation

Quality and Professionalism

This is just a short note to compliment you and your firm on the quality and professionalism of your work. We have found your ADTEL productions to be highly beneficial to our corporate image and what we want to convey to our customers. I would highly recommend ADTEL to anyone, other than our competitors of course!

Edmonton Kenworth

Are you ready to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time?