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Why ADTEL Auto Attendant & Voice Prompt Messages?

Make a powerful first impression and elevate your corporate image with professionally voiced phrases for your Auto Attendant, Voice Prompts, IVR (Interactive Voice Recordings), ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), and voicemail platform.

ADTEL has the capability and expertise to provide professional recordings for virtually unlimited Telecom related applications and equipment. We produce and master all of your files in our professional, state-of-the-art recording studio and optimize them for exceptionally high quality playback over any phone system. Upon completion, the files are delivered to you “ready-to-use” in your required audio format!

Diverse Voice Talent

With our extensive roster of professional voice talents to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect voice for your production. We offer voice-over recordings in most international languages and can also provide multi-talent and multi-lingual voice-over productions.

Broadcast Quality Recordings

All of our productions are digitally mastered in our state-of-the-art recording studio and are optimized for fidelity and clarity so you get the highest quality Auto Attendant, ACD, and voicemail greetings available.

Any File Format / Any Phone System

We record voice-over productions for any type of phone system. Whether you have a PBX or VoIP system or even a cell phone, we deliver your files in the specific format you need. If you aren’t quite sure of your format requirements, we will work with you during an initial technical consultation to determine the specifications required for your system.

Quick Turnaround Time

We can turnaround most voicing projects within a five day period. If you require the files sooner, we can accommodate rush orders. Just ask us how!

Did You Know ...

Auto Attendant Greetings & IVR Messages are different!

Auto Attendants answer incoming calls instead of a live person. The recordings will present a caller with a list options to choose from. When a selection is made, the phone system directs the call to the appropriate department or person.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with callers through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via a keypad. In telecommunications, IVR allows customers to interact with a company’s host system via a telephone keypad or by speech recognition, after which services can be inquired about through the IVR dialogue. IVR systems can respond with pre-recorded or dynamically generated audio to further direct users on how to proceed. IVR systems deployed in the network are sized to handle large call volumes and also used for outbound calling, as IVR systems are more intelligent than many predictive dialer systems.


Enhance your Environment.
Elevate Moods.
Increase Sales.

Telephone On-Hold Messages

Increase sales, promote special offers and deals, and educate customers about your products and services! Professionally scripted and recorded messages are an impactful marketing solution that fit any budget.

Specialty Audio Productions

From voice-over for TV commercials, audio books, video games, and more, our state-of-the-art production studio can complete any kind of audio recording you require.


ADTEL’s team of highly-qualified creative writers are passionate about every piece of writing they are creating for all media applications.

Corporate Video

Corporate videos are being a key marketing tool in today’s rapidly-changing business world. Professionally-voiced audio will take your video to the next level, and we can mix production music to compliment your project.

eLearning Projects

Use professional voice recordings to increase user attention when producing eLearning modules. We have recorded audio for training presentations for some worldwide-known companies, including Iredale Mineral Cosmetics.


If you have a project that needs to be in multiple languages, we can arrange translation into that native language and also book in the appropriate voice talent.

Website Audio

Boost your website and online video quality with high-end audio production that only our team can deliver!

Radio Commercials

Our Audio Engineers have years of expertise within the Radio and Television industry and know what it takes to record a radio commercial that stands out from “usual” production.

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